Seminars, Interviews, Dialogues

Xue Er Si Online School sent teenager writing competition winners to Prague to participate the 7 days active writing project.

Mrs. Galina Vaněčková guided Mr. Liu Wenfei, Mrs. Chen Fang and other readers to Černolice, Všenory that Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva lived, and the small museum of Tsvetaeva, they shared stories and their study experiences.

Liu Wenfei meet Galina Vaněčková in Prague, talk their study of poet Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva who lived in Prague from year 1922 to 1925, given birth of her son.

Interview Mr. Gerhard Ruiss(director of IG Autorinnen Autoren & Mr. Robert Heuz, director of Dokumentationsstelle für neuere österreichische Literatur)