7 days Active Writing Program


Personal understanding of the outside world

In the living space, everything that "I" sees has an "My" perspective, and "My" chooses subjective or unintentional information.

The objective state of things and the subjective observation of "Me"

In-depth exploration of living space

Life space development

To learn author's wort and to relate to author's life, to analysis the relationship between the Author and the outside world.


When face with the same or a similar external world, each individul experiences dissimilarities other than commonalities. The experience is individualized and personalized.

The personal experience is like the chef cooking, with same ingredients, but different cooking methods, or different chefs, result to different dishes.

Experience and observation are inseparable. Or, personal experience is based on the particularity of each individual, but the excavation and development of particularity is based on the experience of observation.


In an increasingly homogeneous social life, everyone's brain is an endless secret space

Therefore, the world is very richful

Education should diverge outward instead of inward

Protect imagination and stimulate imagination

Observing, experiencing, and imagining influences each other

Increase contact with the outside world, increase extensive reading, exploration, and capture imaginations that are virtually invisible

Lectures, Interviews, Reading & Analysis, Discussion, Writing Exercise, Museums, Galleries, Concerts, ......


1. Interview outline

2.Interview record

3. Writing: Free subject related to project experience(essays or prose)